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ANPR Overview

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system has become the need of the hour keeping in view the increasing cases of traffic rules violation and crime. An ANPR camera keeps an eye on the vehicles plying around a region. ANPR system, an ideal solution of mass surveillance, capture the image of vehicle registration plates which can be stored in the inventory list of commuters.

Our solutions stores vehicle information along with approved access dates and times and in doing so removes the need to constantly monitor the entrance gates and site for unwanted guests or visitors.

The system is used extensively on industrial sites where access needs to be restricted for security reasons, and has proved extremely popular with holiday parks where it can be used to control guests access to and from the site and prevent unauthorized visitors gaining access.


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Using products from the world's leading manufacturers, we design a solution to meet your exact requirements.



Our professional team make sure that we provide high quality installation services.



Our high qualified and experienced engineers configure the system, making it easy to use and work exactly how you expect.

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ANPR Parking Systems

The Parking Agency’s ANPR Cam­eras read a Vehicle Reg­is­tra­tion Num­ber as vehi­cles pass them. The num­ber plates are imme­di­ately con­verted though a math­e­mat­i­cal process (known as hash­ing) into non-unique ref­er­ence num­bers (known as tags) at the road­side and the same num­ber plate will gen­er­ate the same tag on every pass of a NTOC ANPR Cam­era.

It is not pos­si­ble to accu­rately derive the orig­i­nal num­ber plate from the tag which is not unique to a num­ber plate i.e. a num­ber of dif­fer­ent num­ber plates can pro­duce the same tag. The sys­tem presently records about 14 mil­lion tags a day and the ANPR Cam­era sys­tem trans­mits the fol­low­ing data to the NTOC at 5 minute intervals. ANPR Cam­eras were chosen by to successfully implement a parking violation prevention and enforcement system.

ANPR Highway Systems

ANPR cameras are placed at both the entrance and exit points of your car park, the ANPR Cameras then capture and process the details of all vehicles entering and leaving your car park. The number plate recognition will then identify any non-authorized vehicles using your facilities or any vehicles exceeding the maximum stay period. Vehicle’s parked in breach of the terms and conditions will then be sent a parking charge through the post within 48 hours of the offence. This system is the ideal solution if you wish to resolve the problem of non-customers persistently using your free facilities.

We are a specialized manufacturer of ANPR parking management systems. Our products are developed and produced in-house in which only the best components available on the market are used. Each component is thoroughly tested for quality and durability ensuring a solid, state of the art system. Each system can be remotely monitored through a personalized website. Our systems are of modern and stylish design.

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Why to use ANPR System?

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Easy to manage vehicle at parking areas
sardonyx-anpr-security sardonyx-anpr-securitys
Provides better security and of vehicles
sardonyx-anpr-control sardonyx-anpr-controls
Ability to access control systems
sardonyx-anpr-monitor sardonyx-anpr-monitors
Easy to monitor traffic activity
sardonyx-anpr-speed sardonyx-anpr-speeds
Fast processing speed
sardonyx-anpr-installation sardonyx-anpr-installations
Easy and quick installation
sardonyx-anpr-license sardonyx-anpr-licenses
High possibility to detect false license plates
sardonyx-anpr-camera sardonyx-anpr-cameras
Faster traffic management at parking area