Sardonyx Technology, have the right expertise and infrastructure to help you with migration services.

migation service
Our Migrations
We are a premier technology company who focus migration services. The core migration services we offer include homogeneous migration (lower version to higher version), heterogeneous migration (Form one technology to other technology), and database migration services, amongst others.
Our action based approach assisted by the latest technological enhancements simplify the complex business problems which are not generally addressed in your legacy systems. Therefore, the effective application migration strategy and execution employed by us plays a vital role in transforming your legacy information systems into dynamic feature rich business applications.
over 17+ years of Migration Services
sardonyx-code-structuring sardonyx-code-restructuring

Code Restructuring

Restructuring existing code to improve functionality and enhance future visitor engagement, without affecting the current user experience.

sardonyx-enterprise-application sardonyx-enterprise-application-integration

Enterprise Application Integration

Link data from diverse information systems to access intelligence more quickly and efficently. Connecting multiple applications to creating engaging, seamless, and unified experiences

sardonyx-cloud sardonyx-cloud-migration

Migration to cloud

Expertise have deep exposure to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and others. we hire our experts for big data web services, cloud-to-cloud ecosystems.

sardonyx-application sardonyx-application-reengineering

Application Re-engineering

Applying our extensive legacy application development expertise, we can reorganize the software or database, optimize the software architecture, and add new features to your current system.

sardonyx-migration-service sardonyx-paas

Migration to Platform as a Service (Paas)

Digital platforms are ever-evolving and maintaining an equilibrium state requires continuous planning, phased deployments, testing among other countless operational aspects.

sardonyx-porting sardonyx-data-migration

Porting and data migration

we have dynamic and flexible structure offering a wide array of experience, both in porting and data migration. Our inter-disciplinary approach manages client's demands at the highest level.

sardonyx-migration-infrastructure sardonyx-iaas

Migration to Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Our experts have in-depth knowledge about Iaas and our developers are well trained to deliver a painless migration experience without disturbing your current Infrastructure.

sardonyx-software-service sardonyx-saas

Migration to Software as a Service (SaaS)

we’ll help to handle your software product migration to the cloud-based business model in a way that works for you.

sardonyx-ui-ux-development sardonyx-seo


Our Experienced Engineers have in-depth knowledge about Re-architecting, UI considerations, UX considerations, development aspects and deployment.

Migration Service Approach

Our Working Process - How We Work For Customers


Project Closure

  • Sign off With Customer


  • Validate if the Implemented Solution is Enable

Planning & Design

  • Finalize & Migrate Strategy
  • Provide Recommendations
  • Create Architechture Document
  • Implementation Plan


  • Povide Training to the Customer team to manage the Business Team


  • Implement Migration Infra
  • PreMigration Task
  • Pre Checks
  • Final Check
  • Post Migration Task


  • Assess the current Infrastructure
  • Conduct business Impact Analysis
  • Conduct Risk Analysis