System Migration

We Follow Best Practices For A Complex System Migration Service


High Performance Next Gen System Migration Service.

System migration is a long process, full of details and needs, to be done with the support of SEO experts. It is essential to focus on quality and not to rush. This ensures that the new version of your system is complete, ready to rank and offers a great user experience.

As this is a very technical process, effective communication is the key to acheive successfull migration. In this context, well informed and integrated team will enhance this delicate procedure.

System Migration Delivery Service.

System migration delivery service has been developed over the course of many successfull SAP projects. Also our deep expertise in business analytics helps us design SAP master data with the end state in mind so that customers enjoy their full experience in SAP data on migration.

We offer a well-provern, hybrid onsite/offshore model in system migration center of excellence that is most cost effective solution in industry. We manage every aspects of the process with robust quality standards and metrics. Our expert services enable customers to maintain quality of their data with our advanced tools and pre built content developed over many years of helping customers over many industries.

Our Differentiated Approach For System Migration.


During Explore

  • Review the most commonly used data objects.
  • Identify client specific objects and come up with data structures
  • Profile the legacy data and find anomailes and build score cards
  • Advise the client on post-production data governance solution

During Build

  • Complete data mapping and workshops
  • Adjust the pre-built solution with any custom client specific coding
  • Work with the business using pre-built error reports to have them cleanse the data

During Testing

  • Use the pre-built load programs and run multiple mock cycles
  • Identify any issues identified by client specific requirements and tweak the transformation rules based on error reports
  • Tweak the load programs for performance

During Deploy

  • Automation of data cleansing
  • Load the error free and transcatable data into production
  • Provide post go-live support